I’m Jessica. Wife, mama, and bad ass photographer. You can usually catch me behind a camera hyping you up, exploring some beautiful places, or in my editing cave with a venti iced coffe, add shot and my true crime podcast on maxxxx volume. I love traveling pretty much anywhere, spending way too many hours a day in my car because mom and traveling photog life. I’m exactly what my bio says; kinda adventurous, kinda boujee. When I’m not creating art and traveling, I’m most likely talking myself out of a LV bag and indulging in way too many mall trips. I love helping my clients style their sessions, choose outfits, and I’m always there for you during the wedding planning process. (Yes even at 3am during your mini wedding planning meltdown. Text me, I’m most likely up editing with 10 lights on because #truecrime). I love all my clients and take my work very seriously, nobody will ever be just another client, my heart goes into everything I do and when it comes to my art and work I am a perfectionist, only heart soul and love going into your images. Think that im your vibe? Lets chat, fill out a contact form, tell me your story and ask any questions you have, I’d be more than happy to help guide you in your photog search and booking process. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.